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We are a non-profit organization, dedicated to promoting eye care solutions by training, equipping, and supplying Haitian ophthalmologist for a better future for all Haitian.

Our Beliefs

FOCUS is dedicated to promoting eye care solutions in Haiti. This is not only through direct patient care, but more importantly by training, equipping, and supplying Haitian ophthalmologists and those in training the tools and support they need to successfully deliver high quality eye care to the people of Haiti.  Central to our mission is the idea that progress is best made through coordination of various eye care organizations and individuals in a way that leverages the strengths of each through effective communication and coordination of activities with our Haitian colleagues.   We strongly believe that the best place to train Haitian ophthalmologists is in Haiti and is a superior method of training than having them do visiting observerships in the US.  Economic, cultural, and institutional barriers are best overcome with building personal relationships. While FOCUS works primarily in Haiti, we also work with educational eye care programs in other countries as the need arises.

There is a tremendous need for eye care in Haiti since it has one of the highest rates of blindness in the world and a very low number of providers.  Training of local doctors is extremely limited by lack of money, equipment and supplies.  Severe institutional weakness at all levels in Haiti is pervasive and hampers efforts of both non-government organizations (NGOs) and individuals wanting to help.  Simply put, many organizations involved in eye care in the developing world struggle to find financially strong and functional Haitian institutional counterparts to work with.  Even willing NGOs can not effectively deploy assets easily.  New solutions to old problems are needed. 



  • Things we take for granted
    Things are moving in the right direction! Although there will always be challenges, we are taking them on as they appear. One problem in developing countries is reliable electricity. Back home it is something that we take for granted, but in Haiti, power outages are not uncommon. Imagine being in the middle of surgery andContinue reading “Things we take for granted”
  • January 2021
    Did you know that when you look at the entire education career of a future ophthalmologist, they only spend about 12% of their time studying the eye? Starting from kindergarden it takes at least 25 years to become an ophthalmologist, but only the last 3 of those years are spent studying the eye. That meansContinue reading “January 2021”
  • Moving Forward in 2021
    2020 was a challenging year.  Since I began my residency training in 2002 I thought 2020 would be the best year to be an eye doctor.  Well it started out great with a couple of trips to Haiti to help some children with cataracts and then you all know the rest of the story.  InContinue reading “Moving Forward in 2021”

With the aim of helping as many children as possible, we often lack resources. Your donation will have a lifelong impact on a child’s life.

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