Things we take for granted

Things are moving in the right direction! Although there will always be challenges, we are taking them on as they appear. One problem in developing countries is reliable electricity. Back home it is something that we take for granted, but in Haiti, power outages are not uncommon. Imagine being in the middle of surgery and the power goes out. Step one: Don’t panic. Step two: Get some light… A flashlight on a cellphone will do. Put your scalpel down and keep the eye moist. Don’t panic. “Someone check on the generator…”  A few minutes later the power is back on…  A/C is working. Microscope has light and the surgery is successful. 

Fortunately we have had donations that were targeted towards reliable electricity. We now have the first stage of a solar system with a basic battery backup!  When the power goes out, we will be able to continue providing the standard of care that we would expect here at home. 

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