Some of the Kids That We Met in Haiti

On our most recent trip to Haiti we had the good fortune to have along a Jay Farbman, a professional photographer. Jay arrived before the surgery team and was able to visit the homes of some of the children that needed cataract surgery.

The surgical team consisted of: myself, Matt Thompson, an ophthalmologist out of Green Bay, Wisconsin; Kristi Sarosiek a nurse anesthetist also from Green Bay Wisconsin; Annie Doraisingh an anesthesiologist from Florida, and Audrey Kowalski, a nurse from Florida who came to make sure that everything ran smoothly.

The team was able to operate on 65 patients during the week long visit. Some young, some old. Some came in needing cataract surgery on one eye, and some had barely any light perception in either eye. People who needed help walking into the clinic, were able to walk away on their own, with a big smile!

Before surgery he could barely see the paper, but he loved to color.
He also loves playing soccer
This boy can barely see his toys.
The family doesn’t have a soccer ball, so they play soccer with a tennis ball.
Examining the eye before cataract surgery.
Nahama performing a ultrasound of the eye to check for a retinal detachment.
Before surgery to remove a cataract.
Before surgery to remove a growth on the eyelid.
Before surgery for a cataract.
With his mother before cataract surgery.
Heading to the OR with Annie Doraisingh MD to have his cataract fixed
Calmly going to sleep
Calmly waiting his turn to have his cataract fixed.
Dr. Matt Thompson and Audrey Kowalski working together in the O to fix a cataract.
Waiting for his turn for cataract surgery.
A girl with a growth on her eyelid.
Tomorrow he will be able to see, but tonight he will need to wear two patches after having both cataracts removed.
We saw a lot of adults with cataracts too. It’s all smiles after having her cataract out!

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