February 2020 Trip

Originally I was planning on making a series of blog posts leading up to this trip. Last year there were some obstacles that got in the way of treating the children that we met with cataracts. I posted about my frustration with this last year. I suppose I have been so worried that something would go wrong and that this trip wouldn’t happen, so I have been delaying posting about it until now. So now I am sitting here at my computer…. My bags are all packed and I am planning on leaving in 1 hour to start my journey to Haiti, so I can’t wait any longer to write something.

In preparation for this trip we have reached out to our medical partners in Haiti looking for children with cataracts that need help. We have a long list of kids, far too many. Our goal is to fix all of them. We are all praying that nothing gets in the way of accomplishing our goal.

4 thoughts on “February 2020 Trip

  1. We are all praying for great success for you, your team and the children Matt. We’ll keep an eye for updates.

  2. Awesome!! I would love to go on a surgery mission trip. Please let me know if there is another!!!!!

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